Sales Manager
Edgar has been with us since 2014 and is a staple in the local motocross community. Whether you're looking for a new dirt bike, street bike or ATV, he is man with all the knowledge and maybe more importantly, the prices!



Parts Manager
Kerry is Parts Manager. He has been here since the opening of our store and is a walking parts book. If you need something and don't see it, just ask.


Noah, Kerry's son, is an avid off-road racer and is here to help you with any of your parts or accessories needs as well.



Service Manager
Eric, the Service Manager, here since our doors opened, he knows what it takes to get your machine back to 100%. A Veteran of the off-road community and a lifetime mechanic, his knowledge varies from bike setup to syncing carburetors and tuning EFI and when we're busy, you'll still find him down in the shop spinning wrenches.

Sean K

Parts & Accessories
Sean K, our resident Pro motocrosser and off-road racer, is here full-time to assist with any of your parts needs. Want to sit and talk shop? Need the latest riding gear, information on a helmet, or accessories for your bikes? He's the guy to ask.

Sean O

Head Technician
Sean O is our head technician, whether hes rebuilding your motor, changing the belt on your quad, or giving your street bike a full service he is always working hard to get your bikes out of here in top notch shape.



Moms handles everything that comes up. She is our know-all, do-all person from counter work to accounts receivable.


We keep Pops busy by doing all our running around to motor vehicle and the post office.